Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Duck Neck

I gave Briea a duck neck a few nights back.   What a hoot!!   
They are very long so I cut it in half in case she tried the ‘one crunch swallow’ trick. She gets fed outside the back door on the back deck. She has a bone of some sort with her meal nearly every day.  She always eats all the soft meat first and then takes the bone part of the meal into one of the kennels opposite the back door. I have to add here that she only just fits into the kennels, it is a work of art for her to get in and turn round to lie down.
As she had never had duck neck before, I wanted to see what she would do with them.  She can be very cautious of new food so I watched from inside the back door. 
The necks were on the top of the bowl. She licked them and then very carefully picked them out of the bowl and put them down next to it while she ate the rest. She then picked one half up and took it into the kennel. She licked it first then picked it up and crunched it once and promptly spat it out. She lay there looking at it for a while and licked it again and had another crunch and spat it out once more.  Something disturbed her and she struggled out of the kennel ran to the gate, barked,  rushed back into the kennel and chomped the half neck down in a second. Time for the second half. Same performance, into kennel, turn round, lay down, lick, crunch, spit out, look, lick crunch, spit out.  I was snorting with suppressed laughter and she must have heard me and she came out of the kennel and over to the door. I opened it to tell her to go finish her dinner and the small dog thought he would go out also to see what was happening. In a flash Briea was over to the remaining somewhat mangled piece of duck neck, two chomps and it was gone.  The small dog didn't  even get to see what it was.                                                                                   
There is another one in the freezer for another time.  I wonder if she will give the same performance ??

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